Eight summers ago, I met a little boy on a West Oakland street corner who was afraid to try a cool, refreshing Green Smoothie because he had diabetes.

So did his mom.

So did most of his community.

When I blended one just for him and assured him that it was safe, he was so thrilled that he saved more than half for his mother.

He carried it home to her and she loved it!

That day we served hundreds and hundreds of Green Smoothies on that corner for him and his friends, family and the whole community.

It was on that day, at that health and wellness fair that I set out on a mission to expose as many folks as possible, in communities like his to the concept that one Green Smoothie a day could improve their health dramatically.

In the fifth year of this journey, I realized this is a message for ALL of America.

Kelly surrounded by school children watching as she pours green smoothies

Kelly teaching school children about green smoothies

Since then, I’ve been working with school children and teens in Oakland, teaching them about nutrition and how to blend fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables into delicious smoothies as a highly effective way to get nutrients into our bodies.

Male student pouring green smoothie from a blender into a pitcher

Students of Oakland Unified School District learn about nutrition, health, and the value of green smoothies

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